Ms. Angel Yingjun Wang is the founder of Legal Guru Club and Chairperson of China International Legal and culture exchange center. Legal Guru Club is a leading exchange platform for the legal profession in China. In four years, over 500 GCs from big companies were active members of Legal Guru Club. Two thousand senior legal professionals participated in the activities organized by Legal Guru Club. MS Wang is also an attorney licensed in China and New York State Bar. She received her JD degree in Oklahoma , and won the International MBA degree at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. She got her bachelor degree in economics from the Beijing Technology and Business University. She was the vice president of the American Bar Association Business Law Section International Litigation Committee, and member of the International Bar Association.

  1. Global General Counsels and Business Leaders Forum

    • The Forum is held once a year every year. It has been successfully held four times with 300 participants each time.
    • More than 1,000 GCs and business executives from top 500 companies, government officials and well-known law firm partners have attended the Forum.
    • The Forum has various forms, such as plenary session, sub-forum, round table meeting, etc. Besides meetings, the gala dinner is always a highlight of the event.
    • In the Forum, we discuss frontier legal issues and analyze important issues in the legal industry.
  2. Local Forum

    • It is an all-day or half-day forum plus a reception.
    • It will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen once a year every year.
    • There are about 200 attendees each time, and the quality is as good as the Forum held in Beijing.
    • The participants were mainly GCs, in-house counsels and attorneys with law firms from local and surrounding areas.
  3. GCs’ Night

    • It is held in Beijing and Shanghai at the end of each year.
    • There are about 150 attendees each time.
    • The participants were mainly GCs, in-house counsels and attorneys with law firms, discussing the most important issues in the industry for the whole year.
  4. Online Training

    • 30 to 40 times online training are available every year with 3 weeks notice in advance.
    • We will invite authoritative speakers Internationally and domestically.
    • It includes legal specialty, organization and management, skill training and so on.
    • By adopting cisco Webex video conference technology, you can directly watch guest PPT and realize real-time online communication and questions.
  5. Onsite Salon

    • In Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, we will host salons regularly.
    • We will host two kinds of salons, Including professional knowledge and management and skills.
    • For better communication, we limit the attendees to 20 people each time.
    • We always invite good speakers.
    • The salons are mainly for legal managers.
  6. GC Roundtable Meeting (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen)

    • Deep communication between GCs is the unique feature of the Legal Guru Club.
    • GCs discuss corporate management issues, team management, etc.
    • In addition, we will have some new contents such as communication with government officials.
  7. GC Breakfast / Afternoon Tea (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen)

    • This event is open to GCs only in the weekend.
    • Each time, one to three GCs lead the meeting.
    • They can talk about issues they all concerns, exchange working experience and learn from each other.
  8. Visiting Companies

    • Each time, we invite 20 GCs to visit a member company. Relative seminar will be held.
    • The GC from the hosting company will share experience with the guests.
    • We have successfully visited Microsoft, alibaba, baidu, tencent, GE, Lenovo, JD, Geely, Mengniu, Midea etc.
  9. Members’ Day

    • An opportunity for members to communicate freely. It is open to all the members, and only to members.
    • Beijing: every Thursday from 18:00 to 21:00, it will be held on Legal Guru Club Ofiice.
    • Shanghai & Shenzhen: It will be held in designated bar or café at event calendar date.
  10. Connecting Members

    • There are thousands of well-known enterprises in our database. If you need to contact other member enterprises, our service specialist can help you to contact.
  11. Law Firm and Attorney Recommendation

    • Legal Guru Club collects professional law firms and attorneys in China and all over the world. We would like to recommend attorneys and firms to you according to your demand.
  12. Legal Industry Report

    • Legal Guru Club makes legal industry report once or twice a year. The Report of China Legal Business Status 2017 is highly praised by the general counsels. 105 general counsels of large companies filled in the questionnaire in person to provide accurate feedback for the legal industry.
    • We will also work with law firms to provide professional summaries of reports in a particular field.
  13. Workshop and Training

    • We organize specific workshop and training every month according to members’ demand.
  14. Customized Internal Training

    • We offer customized company internal training according to members’ request.
  15. Membership Newsletters and Membership Yearbooks

Sep 4-5, 2014 1st Global General Counsels & Business Leaders Forum (Beijing)
Jan 31,2015 GCs’Night Beijing (1st)
Jun 5,2015 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited BAIDU
Oct 13-14,2015 2nd Global General Counsels & Business Leaders Forum (Beijing)
Oct 24-25,2015 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited ALIBABA
Jan 15,2016 GCs’Night Beijing (2nd)
Apr 23,2016 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited JD
Jun 5,2016 Establishment of Legal Guru Club Eastern China
Sep 24,2016 3rd Global General Counsels & Business Leaders Forum (Beijing)
Nov 18,2016 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited GE
Nov 19,2016 GCs’ Night ShangHai(1st)
Dec 17,2016 GCs’ Night Beijing (3rd)
Mar 2,2017 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited Microsoft
Apr 22,2017 Global General Counsels & Business Leaders Forum. Spring Meeting(Shanghai)
Aug 26,2017 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited Tencent
Sep 23,2017 Establishment of Legal Guru Club Southern China (Shenzhen)
Nov 3-4,2017 4rd Global General Counsels & Business Leaders Forum
Dec 1,2017 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited GEELY
Dec 2,2017 GCs’ Night Shanghai
Jan 20,2018 GCs’ Night Beijing
Apr 14,2018 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited LENOVO
Jun 7,2018 Global General Counsels & Business Leaders Forum. Summer Meeting(Shanghai)
Aug 17-19,2018 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited MENGNIU
Dec 9-10,2018 LEGAL GURU CLUB members visited Midea and Country Garden