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Start Time 15:30 2018-05-12
End Time 19:00 2018-05-17
Address 北京市朝阳区建外外交公寓15号楼2单元1层

How Can Companies Deal with Risks of Compliance under the New Situation of Integration of Anti-Trust Departments? The 15th Session of the “Salon of Legal Guru Club”

In order to eliminate the doubts of the senior executives and general counsels of companies about the integration of anti-Trust law enforcement authorities, and help them understand the current status and future after the integration of the three departments, the Salon of Legal Guru Club has launched a special program and invited Mr. Ren Yong, the Managing Partner of T&D Associates, to speak in the salon on May 17, with the speech theme of “Current Status And Future after the Integration of Anti-Trust Law Enforcement Authorities”.

Theme: Current Status and Future after the Integration of Anti-Trust Law Enforcement Authorities

Time: May 17, 2018


15:30-16:00 Sign-in

16:00-18:00 Keynote Speech

18:00-19:00 Free Exchanges

Location: 1F, Unit 2, 15# Building, Jianguomen Diplomatic Residence Compound, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Ren Yong   Chief Lawyer of T&D Associates

Mr. Ren once worked in the central governmental department of China for many years and then served as the foreign law expert in a US law firm before he founded the T&D Associates. Mr. Ren has practiced for many years with expertise in anti-Trust, anti-dumping, direct foreign investment, M&A, litigation and international trade arbitration, especially in the fields of international trade and anti-Trust, and has provided excellent legal services for many multinational companies. Mr. Ren is an arbitrator of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. He is also a legal advisor of local government and a professional member of the Beijing Lawyers Association. He has carried out in-dept study in the anti-Trust field.



Current Status and Future after the Integration of Anti-Trust Law Enforcement Authorities丨Review of the 15th Session of the Salon of Legal Guru Club

On May 17, 2018, the 15th Session of the Salon of Legal Guru Club was held as scheduled. The Legal Guru Club invited Mr. Ren Yong, the chief lawyer of T&D Associates, for the salon themed with “Current Status and Future after the Integration of Anti-Trust Law Enforcement Authorities”.

There were a total of 30 general counsels registered for the event. The general counsels of well-known enterprises including Lenovo, China Mobile, Total, Volvo, DHL, Syngenta, JD.COM, Tsinghua Tongfang, Qihoo 360, Oracle, Beijing Capital International Airport, GE, Intel, Renault and NBC Universal attended the salon on May 17. In the evening, Ms Angel Yingjun Wang, the founder of Legal Guru Club, hosted the salon event, gave welcome to everyone and invited Mr. Ren to share his experience with warm applause together with the guests.

Mr. Ren first reviewed the ten-year history of anti-trust law enforcement authorities, briefly introduced 36 cases closed with conditions of the Anti-trust Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, and specially analyzed the typical cases such as Coca-Cola/Huiyuan case in 2009, Mitsubishi Chemical/Lucite International case in 2009 and Wal-Mart/YHD.COM case in 2012.

When interpreting these cases, Mr. Ren believed that enterprises should have a comprehensive legal plan, the support and cooperation of economists for market analysis, the coordination with relevant third parties involved and the careful and patient effective communication with law enforcement authorities when facing the anti-trust review, so as to achieve satisfactory results. Subsequently, he interpreted the cases related to the recent Sino-US trade war and believed that political factors did affect certain cases.

After that, Mr. Ren briefed the noteworthy cases in NDRC's price supervision and inspection and the Anti-Trust Bureau over the past decade, explained the cases in the “Storm of Law Enforcement”, and analyzed the law enforcement logic and the implications for future cases. Later, he introduced the noteworthy cases of the Anti-Trust and Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in the past ten years. He mentioned that the active cooperation and positive communication of the companies played a very important role in the two classic cases of Microsoft and Tetra Pak.

After introducing the ten-year history of the 3 anti-trust law enforcement authorities, Mr. Ren analyzed the problems in institutional separation, and pointed out that the integration of anti-trust administrative law enforcement authorities was a world trend, which had been implemented in the UK, Belgium, Brazil and other countries. Although the organizational restructuring had a certain impact on the cases under investigation, the integration of the three bureaus was positive to some extent. Then, Mr. Ren introduced the organizational structure of the new authority, its impact on anti-trust cases and future outlook.

After the sharing, Mr. Ren had warm exchanges with the guests. Ma Jun, the vice president and general counsel/legal director of Volvo Cars (China), Zhang Yuming, the legal director of Syngenta (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Wang Yong, the vice president and legal director of DHL Global Forwarding (China) Co., Ltd., Li Hua, the general counsel of Asia Pacific Region of Renault (Beijing) Automotive Co., Ltd., Yu Mang, the deputy general manager of the legal affairs department of China Mobile Limited, Xu Jian, the special CEO assistant/vice president/general counsel of Qihoo 360, and other guests participated in the discussion. After the discussion, the guests exchanged with each other and took group photos.

The Salon of Legal Guru Club is committed to the exchanges and sharing of high-profile people in legal and business circles. If you want to gain more experience and wisdom of insiders, please continue to pay attention to our salon events. Please joint us to meet those seniors rarely met and hear the in-depth discussion rarely heard!